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"A Hero's Story" - Paul Rieckhoff / Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

"This film should be required viewing..."


MaryAnn Johanson / The Flick Filosopher

"imagery we never get to see on our TVs...."


Nathan Southern / NY Times

"Explores the complex, often tortuous emotional journey undergone by the individual members..."


"In Harms Way" - Tobi Elkin / The Huffington Post

"A haunting account of one family's grief and pain..."


Pamela Grossman /

"...a work of intelligence and strong compassion."


"Pain is weakness, leaving the body." - Ryan Stewart / Cinematical

"Compelling, poignant....Jerabek is a powerful document..."

Press Coverage

Associated Press Video


"Fallen Soldier Immortalized on Screen" - Lance Klug / NBC News 26


Ny Film Festival calls 'Jerabek' a must see...


Andrew Fefer / WBAY ABC Channel 2

"Rarely-seen images of war..."


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